Wholehearted Recommendation

Mr. Pearson was recommended to me by a friend who he had represented her husband in a car wreck case. I was very happy with his legal service because he explained things to me and did not talk down to me and my husband. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anybody injured with a case.

-Alicia K.

Recovered Full Compensation

A lady texting on her phone hit me riding my Harley and broke my pelvis. Mr. Person helped me collect my lost wages and then sued her and we got her insurance policy limits. I was happy with his service.

-Jerry G.

Crucial Legal Insight

Things were not good for my family after my wife got hit by a forklift at work and broke her leg. Mr. Pearson helped us despite the company not having insurance and made them pay her medcial bills and pay her lost wages and got us a settlement for her injuries. He knew how to collect even when there was no insurance to pay. We were damn glad to have him.

-Jim C.

Excellent Injury Lawyer

Mr. Pearson helped me thru the legal system and he and his staff were excellent. I cannot say enough to recommend them to anybody who needs a lawyer for an injury case. I'd use him again or send my family member to him and I can't give higher praise than that.

-Frankie T.

Wonderful Workman’s Comp Attorney

I contacted Mr. Pearson with my case after I was disabled on the job. He was very good at explaining my rights and helping me understand the process of worker's compensation. I would recommend him. He is a wonderful workman's comp attorney in Topeka, KS.

-Catrina S.

Compassionate Advocacy

I hurt my neck in a fall off a ladder at work and the insurance company would not do anything for me because there was not a witness to my fall. Mr. Pearson was easy to deal with and made them start paying me weekly checks while I was off work and a surgeon who ended up doing surgery to my neck. I am grateful for his help.

-Will M.