Tips for Driving Safely Around Semi-Trucks

Accidents involving semi-trucks result in thousands of deaths each year. While some of the most serious accidents on the road can be the result of negligent truck drivers, there are several things you can do to ensure a safe commute while in a passenger vehicle.

Knowing who to safely drive around semi-trucks not only helps to keep you safe but other drivers on the road, as well. Here you will find a few proven tactics to ensure you remain accident-free while sharing the road with big rigs.

Use Caution when Turning

One of the most common truck-related accidents occurs when a driver tries to cut in beside a semi-truck when it is turning right. For the truck to clear the turn, it has to take up extra lanes. This is why you should avoid trying to pass the truck on the right side since it is going to return to its proper land when the turn is complete. In many cases, the driver won’t see you, or can’t see you passing due to a blind spot. As a result, a serious accident may occur.

Pass Carefully

The most prominent blind spot for any truck driver is on the right-hand side of the truck. This area of low visibility continues down the entire length of the trailer and it extends out to three lands. If you have to pass, make sure you are clear with your intentions by turning your blinker on and passing quickly. If you are unable to pass in a timely manner, it is best to just fall behind the truck and pass at a safer time.

Make Sure the Truck Driver is Able to See You

When you are driving around big trucks, you should remember that if you are unable to see its mirrors, it is very likely that the driver is unable to see you. This is especially true if you are driving behind the truck. Make sure you keep enough distance that you can see both of the mirrors. If a truck driver does find that a vehicle is trapped in their blind spot area, the only option they have is to slow down significantly in hopes that you will speed up and pass them.

Don’t Tailgate a Large Trucks

If you drive too close to a semi-truck, it puts you in harm’s way for a number of reasons. If the truck driver has to stop all of the sudden or swerve to avoid an unexpected traffic hazard, then you have very little time to stop. A general rule of thumb is to maintain a distance of at least three cars between the back of the truck and the front of your vehicle.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you avoid a serious accident with a big rig. However, if you are injured in this type of accent, the team at Pearson Law is here to help.

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